The Best Way to Sell a Motorcycle Online

October 31st, 2018 by

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Finding the best way to sell a motorcycle generally involves determining its value, preparing it to be sold, and finding a buyer. The last bit can be the hardest, unless you sell your motorcycle online — but let’s go through the steps in order.

Determine Your Motorcycle’s Value

The first thing you’ll need to do to sell your motorcycle is get an idea of its value. Maybe you’ve grown to love it with age, but everything from its mileage to its engine condition to its dents, dings, and scratches can affect its value. You might also find that any dramatic styling choices could make the bike less desirable.

To get a rough estimate, simply look at comparable motorcycles in your local area or check online for nationwide averages. You might not get an exact figure, but you’ll get a ballpark — after all, motorcycle values may differ between Kansas City and Nashville.

Prepare Your Motorcycle to be Sold

Before you move from researching to selling your motorcycle, it’s worth prepping your bike. Start by giving it a thorough clean: begin with the usual areas then consider a more in-depth cleansing of overlooked nooks and crannies. Get rid of any surface rust from chrome or metal, then scrub the battery terminals to remove calcium buildup. You might even want to have the paintjob touched up.

Many people like to customize their ride, but if you can return your bike to OEM condition, you’ll likely get more for it, especially if you sell the aftermarket parts separately. Set aside your extra set of keys and any additional parts for the bike, too.

Are you familiar with the T-CLOCS checklist provided by the Motorcycle Safety Foundation? If this is the first time you’ve heard of T-CLOCS, it’s shorthand for Tires, Controls, Lights & Electrics, Oil & Other Fluids, Chassis, and Stands – and is considered by many to be a great pre-ride safety checklist. Making sure your bike can pass this pre-ride checklist eliminates any mechanical hassles prior to selling.

Finally, you can take your motorcycle to a local mechanic to fix any outstanding issues, remove dents, and improve your bike’s overall value.

Find a Buyer for Your Motorcycle

Finally, you can look for a buyer. If you sell privately, this means advertising in your local newspaper or online, meeting with potential buyers, and working through all the paperwork. This can be a hassle whether you live in Louisville or anywhere else. When selling to a dealership, though, you’ll generally face stiff negotiations.

You might want to save yourself time and hassle by selling your motorcycle online instead. When you work with us, you simply:

  • Submit all relevant motorcycle information, including VIN, mileage, and photos.
  • Receive an offer.
  • Decide within 48 hours to accept or reject, then have the motorcycle picked up and get cash in your hand within 24 hours.

Bikers Across the Country Help Make Us Where to Sell a Motorcycle Online

If you need any assistance selling your motorcycle, the team at iBuy Cars and Trucks is here to help, so contact us today.

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