How to Fill Out a Car Title

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Knowing how to fill out a car title is crucial when you want to sell your car — selling a car with no title is illegal, after all. Fortunately, filling out your title is easy.

How to Sign Car Title Over to New Owner

Firstly, the rules for transferring a car’s title can vary by state — for that reason, the rules in Kansas City are going to be different from those in Nashville. Just ask your local DMV if you’re not sure; you can also find state rules and regulations online.

Once you know the rules, fill out the transfer form. You’ll usually need to include:

  • Buyer Name and Seller Name
  • Signatures
  • Notary’s Signature
  • Date Of Sale
  • Price
  • Vehicle Identification Number (VIN)
  • Odometer Reading

Next, provide a Bill of Sale for the buyer. Your state’s DMV may have a state-specific one to use. Finally, submit the Notice of Transfer or Release of Liability. You’ll need to let the DMV know you no longer own the vehicle. Your DMV may have ready-made forms you can use.

And that’s how to fill out a car title!

Selling a Car with No Title

A car’s title shows ownership, so you need a title to sell a car in Louisville or anywhere else. After the sale is completed, the back of the title must be filled out with:

  • Purchase Price
  • Odometer Reading
  • Buyer’s Name

Both parties need to sign. If there’s no title, you’ll need to worry about state laws. Most make selling a car without the title illegal. Even where they don’t, sellers are required to eventually produce a title. A car cannot be registered without a title, and you’ll usually need to produce one even when selling for scrap.

Selling a car without a title is a red flag. Replacing it is simple, so not providing one usually means something is being kept from the buyer. For example, there could still be a loan on the car or the car could be stolen.

Can I Get a Duplicate Title?

If the seller has misplaced the title, filling out appropriate paperwork from the local DMV can provide a duplicate copy. To get a duplicate title, the seller will usually need to supply:

  • Social Security Number
  • Driver’s License
  • Vehicle Identification Number (VIN)

iBuy Cars and Trucks Can Help You Fill Out Your Car Title

Whether you’re worried about a long sales processes or concerned about the paperwork, selling online can help, and it’s easy when you know how to fill out a car title. All you have to do it follow our quick and easy process to cut down on hassle and get the price you deserve.

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